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On February 15th I noticed our house felt cold, so had my boyfriend check our boiler to see if the pilot was lit, it was not. I placed a call to your company in a panic, because t was Saturday night & it was snowing like crazy. I said who is going to come out in this horrible weather? Kim answered the phone, she was very nice & professional & assured me she would send someone out. I was told Mike M would be there shortly. When Mike got here I apologized for making him come out in the bad snow storm we were getting. Mike M was nice & professional & knew his job, but he could not keep the pilots lit to the boiler & hot water tank. He said we were not getting enough gas into the line& that he thought maybe the gas meter was frozen. He went outside to check the meter and he was 100% correct. Mike told us to call the gas company & tell them what the plumber had said & because he was still there when we called he offered to talk to them for us. The gas company came and changed the meter. I usually don’t get thank you cards from companies that I have done business with, but I got one from your company on February 22nd. I am thanking you and your staff for being so kind, professional & for making the trip in such bad weather. I want to thank Mike M for me personally & I would like if you would give him a raise, he’s an asset to your company & crew. If we ever have to call you again in the future, I will request Mike M.