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I used Philips to install a new boiler in my home as part of the RISE heat loan program. When I called for an estimate, a very friendly and helpful receptionist answered and scheduled the appointment. I called several plumbing and heating contractors and at least half of the the calls went straight to voicemail. roughly half of those never called me back, so it was nice to speak directly with someone. The wait for the appointment was maybe a tad longer than I would have liked (about a month), but it was the same situation with several places I called. The person who did the estimate was John, the owner of the company. The guy obviously knows his business, and his estimate was in line with the other ones I had received. What ultimately made me go with Philips was their thoroughness and their willingness to work with me to navigate the RISE heating loan program. The workers managed to remove the old, hulking oil boiler from the confines of my basement and install the new one in a day. Not an easy job, and the quality of the work was excellent. Overall, customer service and quality of work were excellent.