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If you’re pricing tankless units based only on input, it’s like using the wrong end of a hammer. 


Before you pick a non‑condensing tankless water heater to save money, check out the total costs.

I decided to hold a blog naming contest. Ryan gave me this idea. He also add the meaning which I want to share. Tribune: an official in ancient Rome chosen by plebeians to protect their interests: a popular leader; a champion of the people. This was perfect as it leads into my story.

Save energy, Save money with the top 10 electricity and gas safety tips. 

Replace five lights with ENERGY STAR® light bulbs and save 62 kwh for a total savings of $9 per month. 

Turn off lights, appliances, TVs, stereos and computers when not in use. You will save 58 kwh and $9 per month. 

John graduated from East Providence High School in 1978 and received a full scholarship to Providence College. He attended the college for one year and then took a summer position with a plumbing and heating company. “By the end of the summer he had fallen in love with the trade” he recalls.